Super Paper Mario ROM

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One of the best and highly recommended game among all the others in paper Mario series

This is one of the series of all the Mario games and is the best and also a top rated game which really attracted people in many ways and everyone loved this game. This is a side scrolling plat forming action role-playing video game, except maybe Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM. This was developed by intelligent systems in 2007 and was published by Nintendo. This is the third paper Mario series game among all the Mario role-playing games. This super paper Mario rom is similar to most of those games which are featured in earlier series of paper Mario.

Get the super paper Mario rom files

The main feature in the game here is side scrolling plat forming game play which consists of all types of role-playing elements in it. The player will be controlling the Mario and then Mario should rescue princess peach and also defeat Bowser. Luigi is also a part in this and all of the characters in this game have different abilities on their own, the same as Super Mario Kart ROM.

Dimensions in super paper Mario rom

Here in this game, the major role of Mario’s ability to flip between any types of dimension. This switching is done between 2D and 3D in all perspectives and also in all the levels of game. This flip ability will be very much useful in escaping from the obstacles while playing the game and also can be done in different views. He main thing in the game follows, in collecting the eight pure hearts by the four character quests. This will prevent destroying the universe by the main antagonist named, Count Bleck from Paper Mario Rom

This super paper Mario rom game is very famous and people all over the world enjoyed playing this game. It ranked as the best among all the games and maintained a score of 85.16% and 85% on gamerankings and also metacritic. There were also many critics written on this game especially about the humour in it and also the design and plot of game.

Sales of super paper Mario rom

This game sold more than 2.28 million copies all over the world by march 2008. This made it being as the best selling game among all others on Wii. This game was released in north America and Europe in 2012, 2013. Later on june 16th 2016, it was released on north American Wii U Virtual Console.

Game play – super paper Mario rom

This is a platforming gameplay which is very interesting and people really get attracted to it. The design of the game is so good and the player will go through many series ofIMG games where they exlore various landscapes. Not only this but a player will have to fight with their enemies and also should solve some puzzle and quests as they will get some bonuses or gifts from this game. There are 30 levels in total and each of the level has different and unique location and dimension.

Setting of super paper Mario rom

The main objective in this paper Mario series is-the player has to collect eight pure hearts. One per each chapter and these are used to gain the access for the next chapter. Each area designed in this game is joined to a central hub which is a town named Flipside. This game is mostly in 2D and in the early stage of game, Mario will be given the ability to flip into 3D. when tis is done, the Mario will be shifted to the 3D environment.

Not only Mario but, all the phases and also levels and environment everything will be shifted in to 3D. this shifting will help players in many perspectives like-finfing items easily, defeating enemies and also escaping from the obstacles in much more easy way. But staying in 3D fro a very long time will lead to decrease in marios health and to solve this there are also many power ups which can be used so that the speed will be increased.

Defeating Enemies

By defeating enemies and also using the items in the game, score will be increased. This can also be said as a players experience points system. These points will help players level up their game and also make them stronger. And not only this, but it will gain stronger attacks and also good resistance power to not be damaged by enemies or their powers. The game will come to an end when the players heart points become zero and then player will have to continue from the end point by saving the game. Heart points can be recovered by collecting mushrooms and using them at that point.

Main Characters

The main characters here in this game other than Mario are-luigi, Bowser, princess peach. All three have different abilities on their own and they are-

  • Princess peach- her ability is she can float long distances and also can block attacks from enemies using her parasol.
  • Bowser:- his ability is he can breath fire out.
  • Luigi- she can perform a super jump which is very long.
  • And finally Mario can flip between dimensions i.e, 2D and 3D.

Here in this game, enemies will directly encounter on to the player unlike all other series of paper Mario.

Game plot:-

In the beginning of the game-luigi, princess peach and Bowser will be kidnapped by Count Bleck. He is the main villain in this game and he also has the power called Dark Prognosticus. Count Bleck forces marriage between Bowser and princess peach. He also uses some hypnotic powers from his ally Nastasia in forcing them for wedding. This wedding creates a Chaos Heart, which will be used by Count Bleck in opening the black hole which is known as “The Void”. This void will later eventually grow bigger and will destroy the universe.


Mario meets a butterfly names Tippi who will help him in transporting to the inter-dimensional town of flipside.and here Mario meets Merlon who informs him that, he has the abilities and also that he exactly matches with the hero which was described in “Light Prognousticus” which was some other prophetical tome. The hero in that tome will travel in various dimensions in order to collect all those eight pure hearts. And all those can be toether used to completely banish the Chaos Heart and will also reverse the whole destruction.

Stopping Count Bleck

And he also says that the hero will be allied with other three heroes in the film and once heard this, Mario and Tippi left to collect the eight pure hearts and also to stop the Count Blecks plan. But to stop Mario in doing all these, Count Bleck sends his minions to destroy him. The minions which will be sent by Count Bleck are-O’Chunks who is a Scottish warrior and also an immature shapeshifter and Dimentio who was a mysterious dimension travelling jester.

Princess peach and also Bowser when they escape, they team up with Mario and Tippi in order to find the eight pure hearts. In mean while, Natasia who was ally of Count Bleck completely brain washes luigi and turn him in to evil named Mr. L. later he also helps Natasia and Count Bleck to stop the Mario group but he eventually regains his memories and will immediately join in their group and go for searching the eight pure hearts.

Romance in super paper Mario rom

Here comes the story of two people and their romantic relationship. The two people are Blumiere and timpani. This story ends by the character who is Blumieres father as he banished timpani in order to wander between the dimensions and he eventually die. This story will eventually be revealing that, timpani here the butterfly i.e., Tippi and Count Bleck who was villainous pseudonym of Blumiere. Not knowing that timpani was rescued and transformed in to pixl by merlon, Blumiere became insane and lost her senses. As the game continues, Blumiere and timpani begin to relaise the true identities of others. Then Blumiere regret his actions but still he contines with his plan. He has gone too far to stop.

Final Dimension

Once the group collected all the eight pure heats they enters in to the final dimension which is castle bleck. They lose contact with peach and also Bowser while they are defeating the minions (O’Chunks and Mimi).  They were sent by Count Bleck. Luigi, marioa nd also timpani confronts Dimentio who reveals the true intentions  of him in betraying Blumiere. He also reveals that,, be helped the Mario group in their journey and also luigi fights and defeats dimentio anonymously. Luigi fights and defeats dimentio, when Mario refuses to ally with dimentio. Then Mario and timpani continues their journey through the castle bleck.

The Ending

After all this, Mario and his group later reawakens in toen flipside but timpani and Blumiere vanished. When chaos heart was destroyed, merlon says that, they died. But then Natasia firmly says that, two of them are still alive. And then the group departs on the hope of appointment again.

This game is the best when compared to all others in the series of super Mario paper series. People from all over the world appreciated this game and loved it. There was a huge demand of this game and it still continues the same.