Super Mario Kart ROM


Learn More About Your Favorite Classic: Super Mario Kart ROM

Super Mario Kart ROM was first developed and released by Nintendo as a go-kart racing video game. It was first released in Japan in August 1992, in North America in September 1992 and in Europe in January 1993 as the first game of the Mario Kart series. After selling nine million copies all over the world, the game became one of the best-selling games in the world. It even gained the third position in SNES best-selling video game of all time.


The game was later re-released in 2013 in Japan for the Virtual Console by Wii U. Later on, the game was also released for the Wii U’s Virtual Console in Europe and North America in 2014 as Super Paper Mario ROM. The game was once again released for the new virtual console of Nintendo 3DS. The most recent release of the game was in September 2017 in the United States when Nintendo released their Super Nintendo Classics Edition.

Game play

The game is played by the player controlling 8 characters available on the game. These characters have different capabilities. These 8 characters include, Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, Browser, Toad, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Koopa Troopa. If you’re playing in the single player mode you will be able to play against characters controlled by the computer. The player will be playing against these other characters for a series of cups over three levels of difficulties. The players will be riding karts on Mario themed tracks like Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM.

Alternatively, the players can also play in a time trial mode. On the other hand, in the multiplayer mode two or more players can take part in the game at the same time. They can either race to win cups or they can take part in one on one races. The game will begin by Lakitu appearing on the screen with a traffic light attached to his fishing pole, which will start a countdown. When the traffic lights turn green, the race begins. The main aim of the game is to finish first or within the first four players. The other players are either controlled by a computer in the single player mode or other players in the multi-player mode as in Paper Mario Rom.

Game Modes

Mario Kart Grand Prix

This is the main mode in the game. Here the players can race against 7 computer controlled players in the single player mode, 5 if it is in the multiplayer mode. The player will be racing for a series of five cups. These cups include the Flower Cup, the Star Cup, the Mushroom Cup, the Lightening Cup (all new) and the Star Cup.

The players who win the first four places in the race will gain points based on their performance. The players will receive points as follows;

  • First place – 9 points
  • Second place – 6 points
  • Third place – 3 points
  • Fourth palce – 1 point
  • Fifth place and below earn no points

If a player places below fifth place or below, they will have to restart the game using one of their lives. If you win the same place three times in a row, you will be able to gain a new life. The Grand Prix mode will only let you earn a maximum of 45 points. These 45 points can be gained by winning races five times. The best drivers will go through to an award ceremony, where they will be awarded their trophies.

There are three different types of multiplayerIMG modes in the game. These include Match Race, Battle Mode and Mario Kart GP. These multiplayer modes can usually support two players. However, a third player can join into the game at the bottom of screen. In the single player mode, the bottom of the screen is usually used as a map. Mario Kart GP is pretty similar to the single player mode. The only difference is that the game has two characters controlled by humans and six more characters that are controlled by the computer.

Battle Mode

In the battle mode, two players get the chance to race against each other. However, they will have to do so in one of the four selected Battle Mode tracks.  Each player will have three balloons around their karts at the start of the game. These balloons can be popped by other players using powerups. The aim is to protect all your balloons and not to get all your balloons popped first.

Time Trial

A player will play in this mode as a single player. All the player needs to do to win is to select a track and complete five rounds in it. The time spent to complete the five tracks are accumulated into one grand total and this determines the performance of the player.

Match Race

On the other hand, the Match Race involves two players racing against each other without any other opponents. It is quite similar to the Grand Prix races. However, the only difference is that the characters controlled by the computer are not visible to the players and the players have the freedom to choose any track to race on. In this mode, there will be black objects sliding across the track as obstacles. If a player’s kart come into contact with one of these black object, it will result in their kart to spin out of control. This can cause a player to fall back on the game because it makes it difficult to regain control of their kart.


There are uniquely defined tracks for each of the four cups in the game. So, since each cup contains five tracks, there is a total of twenty tracks in the game. In addition to this, there are four unique tracks for the Battle Mode. These tracks consist of different Mario-themed barriers. For example, some of these barriers include Thwomps and Cheep Cheeps. Another feature of these tracks is the mud bog which is the off-road section of the track. This section usually tends to slow vehicles down.


Super Mario Kart ROM is designed by its developers using the original characters from the Mario series. They have selected eight such characters to design this game. These characters include, Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Browser, Donkey Kong Jr., Yoshi, Toad and Koopa Troopa. Each of these characters are designed to have different capabilities. As a result, they have different top speeds, handling and acceleration.

Princess Peach, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Toad and Browser are characters that appeared in all of the subsequent Mario series games since Mario 64.  All the characters have powers that they can use during the game. However, these powers are unique for each character and they all have their own set of powers. For instance, Yoshi has the ability to throw eggs at other players, which makes the opponents spin out of control and lose coins.

As described by the Nintendo Magazine system, these characters are developed as sprites developed through sixteen different angles. When the game was first released, Nintendo believed that these sprites have significantly contributed to achieving the remarkable graphics of the game.

It should be noted that there are some non-playable items and characters in the game. These characters and items include Cheep Cheeps, Boos, Piranha Plants, Lakitu, Minty Moles and Thwomps.

Development of Super Mario Kart ROM

The game was produced and directed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideki Konno respectively. According to Miyamoto, the developers were originally planning to design a game where two players can race simultaneously on the same screen. Furthermore, he went on to say that another aim of the developers was to move away from the single player racing games and design a multiplayer game.

One of the main focuses of the developers since the beginning of the project was to create different game modes. This was in order to provide some variety for the players and make the game more interesting for them. They also wanted to create a one on one mode where the victory of the player was determined by a lot more than competing to be on the top.

Fun Fact

An interesting fact about the development of the game was that it did not start off as a Mario series game. Instead, the game featured a basic man in a kart who wore overalls. It was only into two or three months of the development of the game that they decided to incorporated Mario into the game. The decision was made after the team imagined what the kart would look like if Mario was in it.  Then the developers decided that the karts would look much better with Mario in them. As a result, Mario themed racing was born.

One very notable feature in the development of this game is that it has used Mode seven graphics. This type of graphics was first seen in F-zero. Mode seven graphics is a type of graphics that uses texture mapping.  It is available on SNES and it allows a plane or a surface designed to rotated and adjusted freely. This helps the developers to give the players the impression of a 3D surrounding. During the time when Mode seven graphics were released, critics said that the use of it helps to make the design of the game look spectacular.